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Acrylic Liquid medium Phoenix 75ml

Голосов: 11
На складе: да
Вес упаковки: 0.5 kg

PAA075-2. Становится прозрачный при высыхании. Увеличивает текучесть цветов. Используется в технике коллажа.

Its facade is in form of milky liquid but become clear and transparent after drying. It is mainly used for diluting acrylic colors and enhancing the fluidity of colors. It can still be used for softening brushwork and keeping adhesion of colors. According to the requirement of painting, adding quantities can be adjusted and proper water for mixing colors after dilution(1/3 to 1/2 of the colors) be added. To be used as binder for collage. Art works can reveal vertical depth by using it.

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