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Amaco Kiln Shelf Wash 454gr

Amaco Kiln Shelf Wash 454gr ― VIP Office HobbyART
Вес упаковки: 0.65 kg

Kiln Shelf Wash is used as a protective coating for shelved required in a kiln during glaze firing.
Mixing instructions: Do not produce dust. Do not empty Kiln Shelf Wash powder into another container. Add 1 pint of water gradually into the jar, stirring slowly. The Kiln Shelf Wash level will drop in the jar as you mix in the water, allowing for more water additions until a creamy consistency is achieved. To insure a homogeneous mixture, use a small glaze mixer attached to a hand drill. One pound of AMACO dry Kiln Shelf Wash will make 20 ounces of liquid Kiln Shelf Wash. Store prepared Kiln Shelf Wash in its own airtight jar.
Directions: After following mixing instruction, shake and stir well before using. Thin with water if needed to improve brushability. Wipe one side of the kiln shelf with a damp sponge to moisten it and wipe the dust off, then brush on three coats of Kiln Shelf Wash, letting it dry a little between coats. Place ware on the coated side of the shelf during firing. Kiln Shelf Wash facilitates the removal of pottery and glaze drippings. New applications are necessary only where the protective coat has crumbled or has pulled away. It is wise to scrape off the whole shelf and re-coat it with a fresh covering of Kiln Shelf Wash from time to time.
NOT FOR SPRAY APPLICATION. Contains Crystalline Silica. Caution: DO NOT use Kiln Shelf Wash on kiln walls, elements, or element plates. Request Material Safety Data Sheets when using in manufacturing. Non-toxic.

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