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An Engobe is similar to a clay slip that is applied to the surface of a piece of pottery in order to change its color or add decorative accents. Unlike underglazes, Amaco Engobes can be applied to wet or leather-hard clays by brushing, pouring or trailing thinly on wet or dry greenware. Sometimes they are used to cover an inferior body, but generally are applied as decoration to contrast with the color of the clay piece.
Engobes can be mixed and applied in various thicknesses, from a thin paste to a watery stain, depending on the chosen technique. Slip painting, slip trailing, and sgraffito are especially good decorating methods for Engobes.
Supplied in dry form to allow for different application techniques, these rich earth tones are beautiful when left unglazed on decorative ware. When glazed, they add color and dimension to the surface.
Mixing instructions: Do not produce dust. Do not empty glaze powder into another container. Add water gradually into the jar, stirring slowly. The glaze level will drop in the jar as you mix in the water, allowing for more water additions until a creamy consistency is achieved. A basic recipe of mixing is to add 11 ounces of water by weight to one puond of dry glaze.This will make approximately one pint of liquid glaze. Try not to let the glaze become finner than needed, since the lower the viscosity, the greater the chance that heavy glaze particles will settle out. Amaco glazes have a sufficient suspending agent to prevent settling unless an excessive amount of water is added. Store prepared glazes in their own airtight jars.
After following mixing instructions, shake and stir well Direction: Shake and stir well berofe using. Thin with water if needed or to improve brushability, add  AMACO® Gum Soliution. Apply 3 brush coats to properly matured Cone 04 bisque. Fire to witness Cone 05.
Engobes should be bisque fired to Cone 04 (1971°F, 1077°C), glazed, then fired to Cone 05 (1911°F, 1044°C). Or apply to Cone 5/6 clay, bisque fire, then glaze and fire to the temperature of the clay body.
Fire with a dry foot on a kiln shelf that has been well coated with AMACO® Kiln Shelf Wash
Engobes are lead-free and non-toxic.
Caution — Engobes must be covered with a dinnerware-safe glaze such as Amaco F-10, LG-9, LG-10, HF-9 or HF-10.

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